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Daikin is Helping HVAC Contractors Sell More Inverters

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Let’s face it, inverter technology is advanced and usually built into premium units, so it needs to be “sold.” And many markets still have traditional utility programs that can disadvantage inverter technology by providing incentives for homeowners to select high efficiency air conditioning based solely on SEER/EER ratings.

Daikin has just the right tools to help contractors sell more inverter units—both unitary split systems and ductless units! The tools are all housed in one convenient spot, the Daikin Inverter Technology Website at The website is set up to fully educate homeowners about the efficiency and comfort designed into inverter technology in layman’s terms that we can all understand.

The website starts with the Daikin Inverter – Technology Explainer Video (shown below) that explains what an inverter system is, how it operates, and the difference between inverter and non-inverter systems. This is a great piece for a Daikin dealer to show a homeowner during a sales call when a Daikin inverter system is being proposed.

Next, the site covers the benefits of inverter systems in five areas:

· Low Monthly Energy Bills

· Consistent Indoor Temperature

· A Comfortable Home

· Low Operational Sound Levels

· Built for Sustainable Long Term Performance

Finally, it includes links to do more, including Explore Daikin Products, Locate a Daikin Dealer and Discover Your Potential Savings with the new Daikin Efficiency Advisor interactive tool designed to provide an assessment of how much can be saved with a Daikin Inverter over other typical single and two-stage systems. The tool provides a custom HVAC system energy assessment based on the location, the home itself, and the lifestyle of the homeowner. Visit the Efficiency Advisor here:

For more information about Daikin inverter products, becoming a dealer, and available selling tools that pave the way for more high-efficiency inverter sales, contact us at Stevens Equipment Supply!

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