Not Your Father's Ductless Split System

Most of us that have been in the HVAC industry a while probably recall those early days when ductless mini splits were primarily used as an alternative to cutting a big rectangular hole in the exterior wall to accommodate a room A/C’s wall sleeve. Ductless splits have evolved so much over the last decade yet many dealers are not fully utilizing the technology available to them, thus missing opportunities to sell them for many other applications.

I often talk to dealers who have installed an inverter ductless heat pump primarily as a cooling solution but later they learn that the homeowners love how well they heat too. Gone are the days when ductless split heat pumps’ heating operation is relegated to only the fall and spring months, even in the coldest regions. Enhanced capacity ductless inverter heat pumps such as Daikin’s Aurora system really shine, both in winter’s low ambient conditions and summer’s brutal heat. With 100% full-rated capacity from 5 degrees to 104 degrees, and efficient operational capacity from -13 degrees all the way up to 115 degrees, these units can be used for many applications not traditionally considered.

Does your customer have a garage space that they want to turn into the ultimate man cave? A Daikin Aurora system could be an excellent solution. They get the comfort of high efficient cooling in the summer but save all the costs of running a natural gas line in order to heat the space in the winter. Are they finally putting on that addition to their home or building a four season porch? A Daikin Aurora system can provide year-round comfort without having to mess with ugly and potentially hazardous electric baseboard heaters. These are only a couple of scenarios where this technology can be applied.

Try to think outside the box when providing both heating and cooling solutions for your customers by using versatile ductless splits. With their proprietary, super robust swing compressors and best in class 12 year warranty, Daikin Aurora systems are leading the industry in inverter technology.

For more information on these systems please reach out to your local Stevens Equipment Supply branch. We would love to help you expand your business and make many homeowners very happy.

Article: Scott Christensen, Stevens Equipment Supply

Photo: Daikin North America

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