Sanitize with Stevens!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Stevens Equipment Supply has you covered for all your foodservice sanitation needs. Below are a few of our top products that are easy to install, use, and work on almost every brand of ice maker out in the field today, no matter how old. Contact your local Stevens branch or Territory Manager to get solutions to all your sanitation needs.

Manitowoc iAuCS

Schedules and performs routine ice machine cleaning automatically.

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Manitowoc Luminice

Reduces yeast and bacteria growth for a cleaner ice machine.

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Manitowoc Sanitizer and Ice Machine Cleaner

Available in pints & gallons. The cleaner is just for ice machines but the sanitizer can be used as a general sanitizer for other applications as well.


Serving all of your water needs! Customize your water purification to create optimal taste, protect your equipment, and lower the cost of operation.

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Icezone is an air and surface clean-in-place (CIP) system for ice machines. It destroys microbes on every surface that the ice touches in the ice production area, storage bin, and beverage dispenser.

Sanitization & cleaning videos available at your fingertips!

Ice Machine Cleaning:

Indigo NXT Ice Machine Cleaning (English)

Indigo NXT Ice Machine Cleaning (Español)

Indigo Ice Machine Cleaning

Neo Ice Machine Cleaning

Indigo NXT Ice Machine Removal from Service

Luminice Sanitation Bulb Replacement

Descale and sanitize your ice machine:

#1 PM Cleaning

#2 Detailed Cleaning & Sanitizing (English)

#2 Detailed Cleaning & Sanitizing (Español)

#3 Air Filter Removal and Condenser Cleaning

Indigo NXT Cleaning and Sanitizing

Indigo Cleaning and Sanitizing

Decommission an ice machine for prolonged shutdown:

#4 Removal From Service & Winterization