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4 Tips to Simplify AHRI Matchups

How many times have you finished a seamless install, the homeowner is ecstatic with how comfortable that system is, and eager for their rebate, only to find that when you file the rebate your system does not qualify? Or maybe you did find the correct matchup, but had to spend a painful amount of time to do it?

Do you wish there was a more efficient way, or some tricks to make your life easier? We got you! Check out these 4 quick tips!

Tip #1 – Use the “ * “

Many equipment manufacturers’ model numbers do not display on AHRI as they do on your invoice or spec sheet. They often have asterisks in place of some characters in the model number. These asterisks represent instances where any variation of that specific character in the model number would achieve the same rating. For Goodman, Amana, and Daikin equipment, these asterisks can be found in cased/uncased coils as well as upflow and downflow furnaces. The cased coil will be displayed as CA*F instead of CAPF, and an upflow furnace would be displayed as G*VC96 instead of GMVC96.

There are a couple exceptions to this rule where no asterisks are used:

  • When you are searching for an AHRI certificate for a Furnace only

  • The Furnaces released in fall of 2019 as part of the FER regulations

Here are some examples for using the asterisk:

Tip #2 – Use the Blue Boxes to Sort

Did you know you can sort your results? Simply click on the box above the results to sort on that specified criteria. This can be especially useful if your search returns a large number of results, or if you are looking for an AC/Heat Pump rating that does not include a furnace – to do this click on the “Model Number” box correlating to furnace model numbers. This will make ratings without furnaces appear at the top of the list.

*Advanced Tip – Click to have the results sorted, then click again to reverse the sort *

Tip #3 – Independent Coil Manufacturers (ICM’s)

Just like many equipment manufacturer model numbers, ICM’s model numbers do not appear on AHRI as you would expect. Instead of displaying with an asterisk as OEM model numbers would, ICM model numbers can display with many of the variable characters of the model number separated by commas, in parenthesis, or a combination of the two. For example, Aspen Coils begin many of their model numbers with “C(A,C,D,E)” to show the various configurations that achieve the specified rating, this includes their uncased, cased, downflow, and multi-positional configurations.

What’s the easiest way to search for these coils?

Using Aspen coils as an example:

  • You could enter C(A, in the search field to return ALL Aspen coil options

  • If you want to use a specific tonnage of coil, you could enter the model up to that point. Ex). C(A,C,D,E)30 would return all 2.5T coil options.

  • If you know exactly what coil you want, enter that model. Ex) CA30D44160L000 à enter 30D44

Tip #4 – Less is More

Generally speaking, it is easier to begin with a broad variety of results, then narrow it down. This is especially useful when all equipment except the coil is known:

  • You could search GSX160311 + G*EC960803 + CA*F to return all OEM coil combinations (or C(A, for Aspen coils)

  • You could search GSX16024 + G* + CA*F3636 if you need to find furnace options that would rate with that specific AC/Coil

* Advanced Tip – If you do an open-ended search you can download the results in excel and save them for future use. *

One example would be GSX16 + CA*F + G*EC96 to return all combinations of that AC and furnace. Simply click the “export search results” button when the results have loaded, and an excel table will download.


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