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Why A Fall Furnace Tune-Up?

Winter is coming and so are the annual furnace tune-ups. As most contractors know, a tune-up prevents breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your customer’s furnace by ensuring the system operates safely, efficiently, and reliably all winter long. When scheduling your technicians for tune-ups this fall be sure these 10 key steps are a part of your preventive maintenance checklist:

1. Warranty - check the manufacture warranty, it may state that the homeowner needs to do an annual equipment check to maintain their manufacture warranty.

2. Air Flow - check for proper airflow. Adjust the air flow so that you maintain the proper temp rise listed on the furnace rating label.

3. Static Pressure - check total external static pressure (TESP), make sure the static is within the TESP listed on the furnace rating label (.5).

4. Blower Wheel - should be inspected and cleaned, air filter should be changed. A dirty blower wheel and dirty filter will cause:

  • Increase electrical use, higher AMPS can shorten the life of the blower motor.

  • Shorten the motor bearing life.

  • Increase blower noise.

  • Reduce airflow, potentially causing heat exchanger failure.

5. Wiring - check Wiring, if a wire becomes broke or lose, you are increasing the chances of a fire hazard.

6. Venting & Drain - check venting and drain system.

  • Venting is installed per manufacture installation manual on 90% plus furnaces and NFGC code book for 80% furnaces.

  • No leak in venting.

  • Properly slope according to the installation manual.

  • Drain trap clean form debris and does not leak.

  • Vent motor running smoothly at proper AMPS according to vent motor label.

  • Furnace is slope according to the installation manual.

  • Fresh air vent, look for any blockage.

  • Check the CO and O2 in the exhaust vent. The NFGC ANSI requirement for gas furnace manufacturer is 400 PPM Max CO air free.

7. Heat Exchanger - check heat exchanger for any crack or rust which could be a sign of an issue with the furnace.

8. Gas Manifold - check gas manifold pressure must be checked and set 3.2 - 3.8” wc.

9. Pressure Switches & Hoses - check pressure switches and hoses. Make sure the pressure switches open and close properly and hoses.

10. Safety Devices - check all safety devices, make sure they work properly, main limit, aux limit. Rollout switches, stack limit switches.

To download our free Fall Furnace Tune-Up checklist, click the link below.

Fall Furnace Tune-Up Checklist
Download PDF • 111KB


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