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The importance of having the right HVAC test instruments

As an HVAC Technical Support Manager, quite often I receive phone calls from service technicians experiencing the same issue after replacing a long list of parts on a piece of equipment. In those cases, the parts the technician replaced often end up having nothing to do with the issue at hand, causing wasted time and money for the HVAC company and the homeowner.

With the advancement of today’s heating and cooling equipment, now more than ever, a technician needs to have available an array of test instruments to diagnose the equipment properly. I first purchased UEi test instruments in the 1990’s and still continue to use and recommend them today.

Listed below are a few essential UEi test instruments and some of their features. You can contact Stevens Equipment Supply to get full product features and the complete lineup of instruments in stock.

UEi DL389B and DL429B Clamp Meter: Measures AC/DC volts, AC/DC amps, Temperature, Capacitance, Resistance, Diode Test for inverter boards, uA Flame sensor, and Continuity.

UEi CD100A Combustion Gas Leak Detector: Helps you to find those gas leaks, (much safer than a match).

UEi EM201SPKIT and EM152 Manometer: Measures your incoming and manifold gas pressure. Measures your TESP static pressure on the gas furnace, or air handler. Measures your W.C. on you pressure switches.

UEi C163 and C160 Combustion Analyzer: Use a combustion analyzer to properly setup the gas furnace on startup or clean and checks.

UEi DTHA2 Airflow Temperature Humidity Adapter: Measures Temperature, Airflow, and Humidity; all are the necessary information you need to properly charge an A/C or Heat Pump condenser.

Article: Don Mauck, Service & Technical Manager

Images: UEi Test Instruments


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